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BBQ events from Blue Egg

Using our gas fired Professional Barbecue which we can set up almost anywhere.
offering the following 3 BBQ options at £10 per head 50 – 100 then £8 per head 100- 150.
All served with selection of rolls and breads a Selection of 3 salads
Buffet service by our own team with stiff paper plates and wooden rustic cutlery.

Butchers Sausages with a hint of sage served with grilled onions
4 oz hand pressed butchers burgers topped with
Monteray Jack cheese
Crispy smoked back bacon
Beef steak tomato, iceburg lettuce

Rottiserie Roasted Chicken or Chicken burger topped with
Blue cheese dressing
Cos lettuce and Caesar dressing

Skewers made and grilled to order
Tandoori chicken
Sticky pork with BBQ sauce
Courgette, pepper, aubergine and cherry tomato
Houloumi cheese, pepper, mushroom

Crunchy Coleslaw - carrots and white cabbage, topped with toasted pine nuts
Cherry Tomato and Bocconchini (baby Mozzarella) - with torn basil
Mixed Baby Leaves – rocket, spinach, red mustard and red chard
Five Bean Salad - flageolet, butter, haricot and French beans, chickpeas
dressed in a light Dijon mustard vinaigrette
Caesar Salad – cos lettuce, croutons and shaved parmesan

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